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I’m melting. Melting!

I never thought I’d hear myself sweat. For a long time I’ve viewed yoga the way men of 40 feel about prostate exams and frightened teens in a horror movie feel about the monster: it’s out there, it’s horrible, and it’s probably coming for you. I tried yoga in Times Square once and quit after […]

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On July 22

Tuesday was my brother’s birthday. Tyler would’ve been 22 Tuesday. Both of those sentences contain the same information, but one is more complete than the other. When you lose someone in a tragic way you learn how to parcel out the facts in sentences like those, eliding things that feel awkward if you’re talking to […]

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Berry picking

What could be more delicious than eating fresh ripe blueberries straight off the bush? Try this recipe: driving up to the country, meeting friends, picking and eating blueberries straight off the bush, watching three dogs romp around a gigantic field as the sun sets and the fireflies light up, drinking wine and eating homemade tarts […]

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As a relationship transitions from steady to long-term the participants often have a picayune conversation: “I wish there was a better word than boyfriend/girlfriend.” Even in the 2010s, the words feel malt-shoppy and frivolous. A committed relationship eventually makes them inadequate. That’s not why Amber asked me to be her domestic partner two weeks ago. […]

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Our B&B

A small stream of guests has flowed through our apartment over the last couple of weeks. I’ve noticed there’s a fun chain reaction: once a new guest arrives and the couch is unfolded, we try to show them some of the best of Brooklyn. When San Franciscan Gavin arrived on the last leg of a […]

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Subway doodle – 2014

A metaphor in progress on a Wednesday morning subway ride: a traveler doing calligraphy on the empty lower third of a sheet of paper. The curves were peaceful and smooth, with no sharp angles and no one stroke looked darker than the rest. The looped t was pierced at a perfect angle. The artist might […]

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Arcade – friends’ honeymoon, February 2014

The newest games in the arcade date to the 1990s and one of the “Bozo the Clown Basketball” basketballs is permanently deflated. So I expect the bride and groom surprised the proprietor of the establishment. She ignored the February cold in a knee-length dress and he wore a boutonniere and a thin orange tie. They’d […]

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At 10 minutes to midnight on February 29, 2012, I ran to my computer and compiled a list of nine songs I thought would sound good together. I began with Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Concrete Jungle” from Babylon by Bus. That rush spawned a project: every month I would make a new iTunes mix. […]

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This is a type of kinda like a formal dedication

I had the pleasure of discovering the Beastie Boys twice, which makes them unique among the bands I love. The second discovery came in my mid-20s, through my youngest brother. We’d taunt each other with lyrics from Hello Nasty while playing videogames and scream along with “Sabotage” as I gunned it down the Meadowbrook Parkway. […]

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Tinariwen, Brooklyn Bowl – March 23, 2014

Everyone celebrated because we were in the same place with the opportunity to communicate. The audience did not know the language that the band, Tinariwen, writes and sings in. The band spoke no English beyond “Thank you so much” and “Is OK?” The crowd roared every time they asked. There were few rock trappings: no […]

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