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A quick note on dinner

Last night we – well, Amber – made baked little potatoes and fresh summer squash for dinner. It was the first meal we’d cooked at home since Amber baked those blueberry muffins on Sunday the 17th. The place was still a mess and our kitchen was not finished, but the stove was back where it […]

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I think I learned on our first date that Amber is a wedding officiant, and she has married two couples in her (now our) back yard. That seemed very cool, and her endless enthusiasm for weddings is one of the things that drew me to her: she gets earnestly excited about things that most people […]

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Fixing a Hole (the kitchen saga continues)

Gob Bluth disappeared our kitchen. Or did we ever have a kitchen? Maybe it was … AN ILLUSION! Stressed but grateful, we checked out of the hotel and came home Thursday. Over the weekend our kitchen became a pile of rubble. Then it became a little window into history: turns out there used to be […]

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We at the hotel/motel/Holiday Inn…

On a very different note from my last post: It began with delicious muffins. The plumbers came Sunday morning to fix a leak, a patch in the kitchen where the paint sagged off the ceiling. Amber had baked blueberry muffins (she’s awesome), and of course she fed the plumbers (she’s awesome). The plumbers drained the […]

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Fear of a black child

One of the most obnoxious things you can do with a blog is hijack a tragedy by trying to make it about you. So I’ll say these were not my first thoughts as the nightmare in Ferguson, Missouri unfolded. But these are some of the thoughts that have stayed in my mind. I’m frightened because […]

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That’ll make your ice water

The ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge finally showed up in my Facebook a couple of days ago. I’m conflicted about these types of events, particularly when the focus is “raising awareness.” Nobody seems to quantify what it means to succeed at that goal or what it’s worth in time or resources. I’m also conflicted about […]

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Playlist for July 2014

I may not blog about my playlists every month, but I want to brag because I think this is the best one I’ve ever made. I’ve used two basic techniques in making playlists over the years: going on impulse and choosing quickly, and thinking very hard and scrutinizing every choice. The first technique is much […]

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The Casserole Factor

Having excised religion from my life a long time ago, I’ve never sought a community of like-minded types. I never really felt I needed one. Amber, though, comes from a very religious background, and while she doesn’t regret leaving it, she misses what I think of as the casserole factor: the connection with people who […]

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