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I had more than a month to get nervous about officiating Colm and Marie’s wedding. It was going to be my very first, after all, and when it came to writing the ceremony I was mostly on my own. They told me to be “simple and elegant,” and that’s what I tried to write. Then, Monday night, […]

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Joe Cocker

I noticed the driving rhythm and the solos on the trumpet (Jim Price) and sax (Bobby Keys) before I really focused on the voice of the guy singing “The Letter.” But I think even before I appreciated the voice it drew me in. It was all guts, with an unpolished sound I doubt you can […]

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Black Messiah

The first sound on Black Messiah is a sirenlike wail, and the first three songs are dominated by martial stomping, blurry Maggot Brain choirs, screaming guitars, and a sermon about Jesus’ blackness. We agree, right, that there’s no way D’Angelo wrote “All we wanted was a chance to talk/’Stead we only got outlined in chalk” […]

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New music

I’m on my own this weekend, it’s cold and rainy and gross, there’s a pipe that’s leaking a tiny bit of water into the apartment and I’m getting tired of cleaning up dog pee. But today was a good day. Oh yes. Today was a good day.   Edit: it’s probably mean to make people […]

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