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January 2015 playlist

Number 36! Three whole years of making these playlists. Unconsciously I think I was trying to recreate the feeling of warming up in front of the fire with some comfortable music. Not literally, of course, because I don’t know anyone rich enough to have a fireplace in New York City. Figuratively, though, that’s what this […]

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Blizzard food

While it’s a little frustrating to have a dream of snowdrifts hot cocoa and sledding dashed by faulty weather prediction models, I realize it’s unseemly to complain that New York City avoided a disaster that would’ve had a real human cost. I spent Tuesday working from home; the MTA employees who do things like salt […]

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Daniel and Austin

The first round of photos from the December 30th elopements are up! The handsome couple are Daniel and Austin. Amber photographed them in the East Village and at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street, where I officiated their wedding. Amber’s work is great, as usual. The grooms were kind but reserved, and she […]

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One of my favorite things about music is when two pieces – songs, artists, whatever – snap together and I can see how one influenced the other. I read on Wikipedia recently that the instrumental jams on “Ill Communication,” my favorite Beastie Boys album, were influenced by Miles Davis’ live album “Agharta.” I’d only heard […]

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We Are the Best

I don’t see enough current movies to make reviews a regular thing, but last week we watched a movie that’s pretty recent and exceptionally good. Going in I knew nothing about “We Are the Best!” and we spent the first few minutes puzzling over the language (Swedish). “We Are the Best!” is a great, sweet movie about young […]

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Ugh, 2015

I’m not the biggest fan of 2015 so far. Without getting into more serious events, losing our dog Mattingly would be reason enough to dislike the first two weeks of the year – Amber also wrote very sweetly about him here – but for the last week I’ve also been dealing with a nasty and […]

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Saying goodbye to Mattingly

“Life is a series of dogs,” George Carlin said once. Another way to think of it is that a dog is a bridge — somehow, by being constant, they seem to help you get from where you are when they arrive in your life to where you are at the end. I know Amber feels […]

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Happy 2015

Amber may be the only person I’ve ever met who does New Years’ Eve right. At first she threw a simple house party so she and her friends didn’t have to go out on a cold night when everything’s crowded and transportation is scare. But her girlfriends like to dress up and Amber likes to set up a photo […]

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People light up when they see Mattingly — he’s just sort of an improbable dog. He’s half German Shepherd and half Basset Hound, and people make a very particular face when they try to picture how that happened. Matty is also perhaps the friendliest and most social dog I’ve ever met. He’s good with all […]

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December 2014 playlist

There’s a lot to say about the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 with so much going on on every level. I’ll start with one of the constants: my monthly playlist. This one is a fun, funky and reggaefied list that I think would liven up any party. It’s got the Brothers Johnson, James […]

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