Blizzard food

While it’s a little frustrating to have a dream of snowdrifts hot cocoa and sledding dashed by faulty weather prediction models, I realize it’s unseemly to complain that New York City avoided a disaster that would’ve had a real human cost. I spent Tuesday working from home; the MTA employees who do things like salt the subway stairs had to be at work on time. But I’d like to talk about a related phenomenon: bad-weather food prepping.

I first noticed this during Sandy, when I ate this delicious stew if memory serves. Last year as the snow piled up we scarfed bowls of Amber’s excellent split pea soup – perhaps for the first time? – and drank delicious Cotes du Rhone wine. We were binge-watching a popular HBO series at the time, which led to a song where we rhymed Cotes du Rhone with “Game of Thrones.”

So as the warnings about this latest storm came rolling in, we spent the weekend stocking up on hearty food in case things got ugly. We made split pea soup on Sunday, filling it out with some diced onions and carrots. Monday night it was vegetarian chili, amazing roasted potatoes with paprika and olive oil, and homemade soft pretzels. Since the weather was milder than we expected, we haven’t yet made our risotto with manchego cheese. We did bake a small cake to celebrate the engagement of our friends Topher and Lara, and it came out very nicely. And those roasted potatoes were so good we had to make more of them last night.

When I say we made these dishes of course, I mean Amber did almost all of the cooking, and I was an extra pair of hands – grabbing things off of shelves, moving some plates, folding a few pretzels and then doing the dishes afterward. My end of the deal isn’t exactly glamorous, but I get so much excellent food!

As far as I’m concerned, winter can stick around for a while if I’m getting fed like this.

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