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New Yorkers who don’t take silent retreats in monasteries or marinate their innards in citrus and lemon pepper still have at least one cyclical way of evaluating their lives: moving. The decision to renew or cut ties is a natural way for millions of us to take stock.

A year ago I moved to Brooklyn. I was newly single and my life was in chaos. Thanks to bedbugs I’d been sleeping on a mattress pad on the floor for four months. I was unhappy but I recognized an opportunity for change. I left Manhattan after six years. I found an apartment where I had room to stretch out. I looked like hipster gentrification personified, so I’m not sure how my new neighbors felt about me. A friend talked me into joining a dating site, and that paid off quickly: I had to admit to myself that I was somewhat interesting and perhaps fun.

And then I fell in love. It was faster and truer than I expected, but I wasn’t totally surprised. By January I was rarely in my big new place. In May I got out of my lease and moved in with my girlfriend. Along the way I somehow accomplished a lot: I lost weight, made progress on my novel, and my family’s charity raised tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s one year. I don’t know what my life will look like a year from now, but I expect to have a lot of joy to reflect on.

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