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Southern Blood

Farewell albums by great artists have turned into a sort of sad, strange genre over the last few years. Warren Zevon was literate and funny and unbearably poignant in The Wind in 2003 and he sort of established the form. His cover of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door struck me as deeply felt when I first heard it, […]

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Today and every day

I’m following what’s happening in Charlottesville with sadness, horror, and that very 2017 type of shock that’s not shock at all, just a bone deep, desperate wish that we were living in some world other than the one we know we’re in. Today is also World Elephant Day, and I wanted to mark that as Your Friend Who’s […]

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Fifty years ago today the Supreme Court said, for the first time, that my wife Amber and I, and millions of families like us, have the right to live where we choose and travel where we like. Before that, generations of interracial couples faced absurd, impossible decisions: if we went to certain states to visit a sick […]

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Dedicated to a Brother

Two weeks ago I started writing a blog post about Col. Bruce Hampton and didn’t finish it before I went away on vacation. When I got home I put it aside to write a tribute to Chris Cornell, and before I hit publish I heard about Gregg Allman. This is what being a music fan […]

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That Face

I spent this afternoon walking through the “Art on Paper” exhibition at Pier 36. I experienced a lot of beautiful art, but the most incredible thing I saw was this face. For six months or so I’ve been looking all around for a face that matches a character I’ve been writing, and I knew all at once […]

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Stephen Colbert on grief

In this GQ article Stephen Colbert is extremely articulate on the complicated role grief plays in the lives of the bereaved. I recognize the truth he’s arrived at here. It’s painful and it takes you years to earn it, and some time ago I earned it myself. Even before Tyler died I recognized that I […]

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June and July 2015 playlists

There’s so much to catch up on! We moved. We’ve spent month settling into our new place and it’s starting to look the way we want it to. The wedding is getting close and we’re very excited about how it’s going to go – although we still have planning to do. I’ll try to bring […]

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May 2015 playlist

I didn’t realize I’d been this busy or un-bloggy. But no matter what happens, I make time for my monthly mixes. This one is informed by a cool “Fresh Meat” comp I picked up in April. The Dan Deacon song is outside of my comfort zone and I found it really moving. And I’m very […]

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March 2015 playlist

2015 03March Mix Something funny happened in 2015: I’ve made three straight playlists that include a David Bowie track. The only other time he popped up in one of my mixes was July 2012. But I find Mick Ronson’s guitar on “Joe the Lion” very exciting and I picked a series of other songs with […]

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DRC national park

I didn’t hear about this until today, perhaps because there’s been so much shocking news this week. But poachers have killed 30 elephants in DR Congo’s Garamba National Park in the last couple of weeks. Outbursts like this are horrifying but not all that rare. There are hundreds of elephants in the park and it’s hard […]

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