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Getting in shape

A year ago Sunday I stepped onto a scale for the first time in years. For a long time I’d been unhappy about the shape I was in. I stayed off scales because because I knew I wouldn’t like what I saw.The last time I’d played basketball it was obvious to me that I was slower […]

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Elephant Sanctuary

I’ve blogged a few times about tourism and places you can go to see elephants, and I recommend it to people all the time because it’s life-changing and unique. There is nothing like being around an elephant. But there are other ways to support these grand and threatened animals, and some people might even be […]

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Stagger Lee

I’m going to take a minute to ramble about an old blues song here. This isn’t anything like a comprehensive take since there must be dozens of versions if not hundreds. But just from five versions in my iTunes, you can see the song evolve in fascinating ways. Here’s what stays the same: there’s a […]

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Elephant vacations

If you’re a traveler who loves elephants, you’ve no doubt thought about a trip to Southeast Asia. The region features plenty of parks and areas where you can spend time with them, and in some places elephant trekking camps proliferate along the roadside. So the problem is not finding the elephants – it’s finding places that treat […]

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Sheldrick Trust

You can’t go wrong with elephant photos, as the proliferation of “Emergency Elephant” type Twitter accounts attests. These come from the Instagram account of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. What’s more adorable than a baby elephant being fed from a giant baby bottle? Nothing, that’s what. For almost 40 years the trust has […]

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Ringling Bros.

Great news today as Ringling Bros. says it will stop using elephants in its acts by 2018. While the company says this has nothing to do with all the criticism they’ve absorbed in recent years, just a couple of years ago they made it plain they didn’t want to take this step. It’s a step […]

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February 2015 playlist

2015 02February Mix This mix has a different feel from any other I’ve made. I think of it as a more sensual, modern R&B mix, although some other styles work their way in there. And I don’t think I’ve ever included so many women’s voices in one of these – the songs on my iTunes are […]

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On elephants

I’ve decided I need to bring some focus to my blog. While I’ll continue to talk about music and movies and personal stuff, I’m going to focus more entries on a subject of personal and professional interest to me: elephants. They’re wonderful, feeling animals that are at the center of a lot of urgent, complex […]

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The Kings of Summer

I need to be more timely with my movie reviews! “The Kings of Summer,” is a charming story about three boys coming of age. It makes for an interesting contrast with “We Are the Best!,” which I raved about last month. “The Kings of Summer” is a little more conventional. In fact it works in […]

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Amber loves love and romance, but Valentine’s Day is not her thing at all. In its own way I think that’s made our February 14ths together better because we’re not pressured into doing the usual Big Date Extravaganza. This time last year we were in Puerto Rico, where she was shooting a wedding, and we shared a delicious […]

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