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June and July 2015 playlists

There’s so much to catch up on! We moved. We’ve spent month settling into our new place and it’s starting to look the way we want it to. The wedding is getting close and we’re very excited about how it’s going to go – although we still have planning to do. I’ll try to bring […]

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Amber loves love and romance, but Valentine’s Day is not her thing at all. In its own way I think that’s made our February 14ths together better because we’re not pressured into doing the usual Big Date Extravaganza. This time last year we were in Puerto Rico, where she was shooting a wedding, and we shared a delicious […]

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Daniel and Austin

The first round of photos from the December 30th elopements are up! The handsome couple are Daniel and Austin. Amber photographed them in the East Village and at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street, where I officiated their wedding. Amber’s work is great, as usual. The grooms were kind but reserved, and she […]

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Happy 2015

Amber may be the only person I’ve ever met who does New Years’ Eve right. At first she threw a simple house party so she and her friends didn’t have to go out on a cold night when everything’s crowded and transportation is scare. But her girlfriends like to dress up and Amber likes to set up a photo […]

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The hunt is on

Amber and I are officially househunting. We look at listings nightly, and we’re in high gear now: we dashed to four places in three hours on Sunday. This is a different kind of venture from deciding to marry or planning our wedding. Those are pursuits of passion. While I look forward to finding a home […]

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A quick note on dinner

Last night we – well, Amber – made baked little potatoes and fresh summer squash for dinner. It was the first meal we’d cooked at home since Amber baked those blueberry muffins on Sunday the 17th. The place was still a mess and our kitchen was not finished, but the stove was back where it […]

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Fixing a Hole (the kitchen saga continues)

Gob Bluth disappeared our kitchen. Or did we ever have a kitchen? Maybe it was … AN ILLUSION! Stressed but grateful, we checked out of the hotel and came home Thursday. Over the weekend our kitchen became a pile of rubble. Then it became a little window into history: turns out there used to be […]

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We at the hotel/motel/Holiday Inn…

On a very different note from my last post: It began with delicious muffins. The plumbers came Sunday morning to fix a leak, a patch in the kitchen where the paint sagged off the ceiling. Amber had baked blueberry muffins (she’s awesome), and of course she fed the plumbers (she’s awesome). The plumbers drained the […]

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I’m melting. Melting!

I never thought I’d hear myself sweat. For a long time I’ve viewed yoga the way men of 40 feel about prostate exams and frightened teens in a horror movie feel about the monster: it’s out there, it’s horrible, and it’s probably coming for you. I tried yoga in Times Square once and quit after […]

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Our B&B

A small stream of guests has flowed through our apartment over the last couple of weeks. I’ve noticed there’s a fun chain reaction: once a new guest arrives and the couch is unfolded, we try to show them some of the best of Brooklyn. When San Franciscan Gavin arrived on the last leg of a […]

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