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Saying goodbye to Mattingly

“Life is a series of dogs,” George Carlin said once. Another way to think of it is that a dog is a bridge — somehow, by being constant, they seem to help you get from where you are when they arrive in your life to where you are at the end. I know Amber feels […]

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Happy 2015

Amber may be the only person I’ve ever met who does New Years’ Eve right. At first she threw a simple house party so she and her friends didn’t have to go out on a cold night when everything’s crowded and transportation is scare. But her girlfriends like to dress up and Amber likes to set up a photo […]

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I can’t bury the lede: Amber and I are engaged. On September 1 we dressed “for dinner” (I fooled no one) and went to Washington Square Park. After an agonizing hour’s delay (piano movers), I took Amber to the Garibaldi Statue and the piano player started into “Clair de Lune.” On our second date Amber […]

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The Casserole Factor

Having excised religion from my life a long time ago, I’ve never sought a community of like-minded types. I never really felt I needed one. Amber, though, comes from a very religious background, and while she doesn’t regret leaving it, she misses what I think of as the casserole factor: the connection with people who […]

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