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Today and every day

I’m following what’s happening in Charlottesville with sadness, horror, and that very 2017 type of shock that’s not shock at all, just a bone deep, desperate wish that we were living in some world other than the one we know we’re in. Today is also World Elephant Day, and I wanted to mark that as Your Friend Who’s […]

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DRC national park

I didn’t hear about this until today, perhaps because there’s been so much shocking news this week. But poachers have killed 30 elephants in DR Congo’s Garamba National Park in the last couple of weeks. Outbursts like this are horrifying but not all that rare. There are hundreds of elephants in the park and it’s hard […]

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Elephant Sanctuary

I’ve blogged a few times about tourism and places you can go to see elephants, and I recommend it to people all the time because it’s life-changing and unique. There is nothing like being around an elephant. But there are other ways to support these grand and threatened animals, and some people might even be […]

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Elephant vacations

If you’re a traveler who loves elephants, you’ve no doubt thought about a trip to Southeast Asia. The region features plenty of parks and areas where you can spend time with them, and in some places elephant trekking camps proliferate along the roadside. So the problem is not finding the elephants – it’s finding places that treat […]

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Sheldrick Trust

You can’t go wrong with elephant photos, as the proliferation of “Emergency Elephant” type Twitter accounts attests. These come from the Instagram account of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. What’s more adorable than a baby elephant being fed from a giant baby bottle? Nothing, that’s what. For almost 40 years the trust has […]

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Ringling Bros.

Great news today as Ringling Bros. says it will stop using elephants in its acts by 2018. While the company says this has nothing to do with all the criticism they’ve absorbed in recent years, just a couple of years ago they made it plain they didn’t want to take this step. It’s a step […]

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On elephants

I’ve decided I need to bring some focus to my blog. While I’ll continue to talk about music and movies and personal stuff, I’m going to focus more entries on a subject of personal and professional interest to me: elephants. They’re wonderful, feeling animals that are at the center of a lot of urgent, complex […]

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