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That’ll make your ice water

The ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge finally showed up in my Facebook a couple of days ago. I’m conflicted about these types of events, particularly when the focus is “raising awareness.” Nobody seems to quantify what it means to succeed at that goal or what it’s worth in time or resources. I’m also conflicted about […]

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On July 22

Tuesday was my brother’s birthday. Tyler would’ve been 22 Tuesday. Both of those sentences contain the same information, but one is more complete than the other. When you lose someone in a tragic way you learn how to parcel out the facts in sentences like those, eliding things that feel awkward if you’re talking to […]

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Blogs away!

New Yorkers who don’t take silent retreats in monasteries or marinate their innards in citrus and lemon pepper still have at least one cyclical way of evaluating their lives: moving. The decision to renew or cut ties is a natural way for millions of us to take stock. A year ago I moved to Brooklyn. […]

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