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We Are the Best

I don’t see enough current movies to make reviews a regular thing, but last week we watched a movie that’s pretty recent and exceptionally good. Going in I knew nothing about “We Are the Best!” and we spent the first few minutes puzzling over the language (Swedish). “We Are the Best!” is a great, sweet movie about young […]

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December 2014 playlist

There’s a lot to say about the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 with so much going on on every level. I’ll start with one of the constants: my monthly playlist. This one is a fun, funky and reggaefied list that I think would liven up any party. It’s got the Brothers Johnson, James […]

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Joe Cocker

I noticed the driving rhythm and the solos on the trumpet (Jim Price) and sax (Bobby Keys) before I really focused on the voice of the guy singing “The Letter.” But I think even before I appreciated the voice it drew me in. It was all guts, with an unpolished sound I doubt you can […]

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Black Messiah

The first sound on Black Messiah is a sirenlike wail, and the first three songs are dominated by martial stomping, blurry Maggot Brain choirs, screaming guitars, and a sermon about Jesus’ blackness. We agree, right, that there’s no way D’Angelo wrote “All we wanted was a chance to talk/’Stead we only got outlined in chalk” […]

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New music

I’m on my own this weekend, it’s cold and rainy and gross, there’s a pipe that’s leaking a tiny bit of water into the apartment and I’m getting tired of cleaning up dog pee. But today was a good day. Oh yes. Today was a good day.   Edit: it’s probably mean to make people […]

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November 2014 Playlist

At the beginning of November I zeroed in on the sound I wanted: something smooth and jazzy like the turning of the leaves. I didn’t make a lot of changes to this mix as I worked on it, and almost all of the tracks were selected instead of found at random. So this one clocks […]

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October 2014 Playlist

Now with a snazzy Spotify link! 2014 10October Mix I listened to a bunch of Tom Waits this fall and decided I wanted to use one of his songs in my next mix. “Gun Street Girl” has some great lyrics and a jangly, broken guitar part that I linked up with the Derek Trucks and […]

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Jack Bruce

I must have been a Cream fan by the time I was about 8 (this was pre-beard) because “White Room” was on the mix tape I had my dad make me around that time. Most of those songs are probably still on my iPod today. Cream was fascinating. A great name, evocative lyrics, and the […]

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September 2014 Playlist: Paul McCartney and the piano

2014 09September Mix   4% Pantomime (The Band with Van Morrison) Carry That Weight (The Beatles) Promise to You Girl (Paul McCartney) Refuse to Be Saved (Elvis Costello and The Roots) Red Beans and Rice (Booker T and the MGs) Joe Sample (Soulive) 2+2=5 (Christopher O’Riley) Good Golly, Miss Molly (Jerry Lee Lewis) Mess Around […]

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Recap: August 2014 playlist

I’ve decided to blog my monthly mixes, and when time permits I’ll set up a Spotify account so I can share them all. Here’s how my August playlist turned out:   2014 08August Mix   Stormy Monday (Marlena Shaw) As You Said (Cream) It Ain’t Fair (Aretha Franklin) C.R.E.AM. (Wu-Tang Clan) Emotional Weather Report (Tom […]

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