I think I learned on our first date that Amber is a wedding officiant, and she has married two couples in her (now our) back yard. That seemed very cool, and her endless enthusiasm for weddings is one of the things that drew me to her: she gets earnestly excited about things that most people are jaded to. She’s a joy to be around. Anyway: she is a great wedding and elopement photographer, but she has other skills that are only sometimes brought to bear on that job and in time she wants to offer a much broader range of services. Partly for that reason, we discussed the idea that I could officiate weddings.

And so last month I applied for the endorsement of The Humanist Society as a marriage celebrant. After a detailed online application, three personal references and a phone interview, I was approved. A new shiny certificate showed up in the mail yesterday along with a packet of practical and business advice and sample wording for various types of ceremonies. Some time soon I’ll make my way back to the Marriage Bureau and file the paperwork so I can get the power officially vested in me.

I don’t expect to officiate any weddings soon, but I’m very excited. This is a part of my life I’d like to grow into, and it’s related to finding a good secular community. I hope we’ll make some big strides on that front over the next year or two.

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