Stephen Colbert on grief

In this GQ article Stephen Colbert is extremely articulate on the complicated role grief plays in the lives of the bereaved. I recognize the truth he’s arrived at here. It’s painful and it takes you years to earn it, and some time ago I earned it myself.

Even before Tyler died I recognized that I wouldn’t want to give up what I had learned about life over the course of his illness, and almost five years after he died – next year it’ll be a decade since his diagnosis – I still feel that way. It hurts and the struggle and eventual loss shaped who I am, but I am glad for the knowledge I’ve gained. And I’m glad I know I’m tested and that if four years of on and off hell and then years of grief didn’t break me, nothing else will.

It’s that much more wonderful to read Stephen’s thoughts because I wouldn’t have ever put it the way he does, but I know what he means.

I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time and I’m that much more of a fan now.

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