I can’t bury the lede: Amber and I are engaged. On September 1 we dressed “for dinner” (I fooled no one) and went to Washington Square Park. After an agonizing hour’s delay (piano movers), I took Amber to the Garibaldi Statue and the piano player started into “Clair de Lune.” On our second date Amber and I had heard him play that song in the same spot, and I wanted to build on that beautiful moment.

I’d planned our proposal to the minute, but it’s the deviations from the plan that stand out. The onlookers gasped and texted their friends when I took a knee. Amber putting my ring on my finger. The way she cried so much harder than I expected. The woman who called “He went to Jared!” (he did NOT). The way Alec Baldwin was… wait, Alec Baldwin?

For understandable reasons our photographer Nicki didn’t see the Baldwin family strolling through the park, but they’re in the background of many of our photos. We ran into them before we left the park and were very surprised to receive Alec’s congratulations. If the piano had been on time, it never would have happened.

We sped off to a surprise dinner at Buddakan with loved ones. After the fantastic food, we learned that two close friends are expecting a baby and then grabbed a nightcap at our favorite neighborhood bar. In one night we celebrated almost everything I love about our life together. Here’s to everything that comes next.

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