The hunt is on

Amber and I are officially househunting. We look at listings nightly, and we’re in high gear now: we dashed to four places in three hours on Sunday.

This is a different kind of venture from deciding to marry or planning our wedding. Those are pursuits of passion. While I look forward to finding a home for our family, the considerations involved are a lot more complex, and unlike wedding planning, you can’t reason your way out of these dilemmas by doing whatever makes you happiest or hastening to city hall.

Happiness is crucial, but you really have to figure the value of each component of your future home. We want to stay in Brooklyn, but at what point does that become impossible? How much is a back yard worth to us? How long would we be comfortable in a condo? What kind of neighborhood do we want to live in? How much time and money are we willing to devote to renovations?

There are no right or wrong answers, and there are serious consequences to the decision. When you struggle to find a dream home, it’s easy to imagine all the ways this could go wrong: hating your neighbors, selling the house for a big loss, the dogs miserable in a cramped space.

I can see there will many times I have to stop and take some deep breaths. It’s an exciting moment for us as a new family and I’m confident we’ll be happy at the end.

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