That’ll make your ice water

The ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge finally showed up in my Facebook a couple of days ago. I’m conflicted about these types of events, particularly when the focus is “raising awareness.” Nobody seems to quantify what it means to succeed at that goal or what it’s worth in time or resources.

I’m also conflicted about tormenting yourself for charity. Dumping water on your head hardly compares to running marathons or dancing for 24 hours straight, but I wonder about the message it sends: is it “anyone can step up and do this?” or is it “this is a stunt, and it’s not for me because I don’t share this crazed enthusiasm for the cause?” Does it diminish gifts that are less flashy?

Regardless, the ALS Association has experienced a huge increase in donations. They could fund more research and provide more services for patients. Since I know firsthand how desperately hard it is to run and fund a charity, I really do applaud anybody who gets the job done even when I’m not sure about their chosen methods.

Music Never Stops: the Tyler Seaman Foundation doesn’t have the same needs as the ALS Association, so our priorities are different. We have some big dreams but a smallish focus right now. But bring this up because I dream of doing a “music marathon” and I’m always thinking about our tactics.

In other words: if you want me to dump water/garbage/lava on my head for MNS, make me an offer.

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