June and July 2015 playlists

There’s so much to catch up on! We moved. We’ve spent month settling into our new place and it’s starting to look the way we want it to. The wedding is getting close and we’re very excited about how it’s going to go – although we still have planning to do.

I’ll try to bring this blog up to speed soon. In the meantime here are modified versions of my June and July playlists. For some reason Spotify ditched its very useful “import playlists feature.” I assume this was some kind of corporate-driven decision intended to force listeners to use Spotify more often, but it’s just an inconvenience and I don’t work that way, so I canceled my Spotify account. So I’m trying YouTube instead. I’d love to find a better permanent replacement.

For the June playlist I included some movie themes like “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and a song from “Shaft” and music from both Latin artists (Los Lobos) and Latin-influenced music (classical guitars appear on several cuts). Calexico sit right in between: they’re Mexican-influenced and most of their songs sound like they came from a soundtrack. Check out the trumpets midway through “Minas de Cobre (For Better Metal):” the song becomes the life-and-death climax to the greatest movie you never saw. And Sketches of Spain is Sketches of Spain.

The July mix was shaped by a dream where I spoke to St. Vincent. It was intense! So her song “Prince Johnny” makes its second appearance on a 2015 mix, and that shaped everything else. I think this mix is on the cool and serious side. My July playlists tend to go that way for some reason. This one went so far in that direction that I made some last-minute changes to make it a little more fun. Enjoy!


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