March 2015 playlist

2015 03March Mix

Something funny happened in 2015: I’ve made three straight playlists that include a David Bowie track. The only other time he popped up in one of my mixes was July 2012. But I find Mick Ronson’s guitar on “Joe the Lion” very exciting and I picked a series of other songs with similarly jagged guitar lines. For a while I also tried to make a “work” theme happen with the lyrics, but I backed away from that. The only other song that fits that theme is “A Day in the Life.” The final mix features some big riffs (“Joe the Lion” > “I Don’t Live Today” > “Hit It and Quit It”), some dreaminess (“All I Need,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”) and jazziness (“Sure Shot” > “St. James Infirmary,” a combo I’m enamored of), with “Naima” straddling those last two lines.

Check out the Booker T. song at the end. It’s from the MGs’ “Abbey Road” tribute album “McLemore Avenue,” which I somehow didn’t know about until Wil Wheaton Tweeted about it recently. It’s an instrumental cover/reimagining of the Beatles album with some substantial changes. It’s great, greasy stuff. The last minute of “You Never Give Me Your Money” is my favorite part of the album and its why I included the song here. The band simplifies the main Abbey Road medley riff and turns it into something peppier and relentlessly uplifting. It’s a joy to hear music like that. So give it a spin!

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