November 2014 Playlist

At the beginning of November I zeroed in on the sound I wanted: something smooth and jazzy like the turning of the leaves. I didn’t make a lot of changes to this mix as I worked on it, and almost all of the tracks were selected instead of found at random. So this one clocks in at a tidy 45 minutes.

2014 11November Mix

The first track comes from one of the Allman Brothers Band’s final concerts. It’s a very brief jam with a unique statement of the “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” theme. It was used as a transition from a one-time-only cover of “Politician” by Cream into a drum solo. This was my last time seeing the ABB and I got a charge out of the fact did some brand new things at their third-to-last show. And I like using unique performances in these mixes.

When I heard “Up from the Skies” on Halloween it set the tone for what this mix would become. From there I cycled through some favorites like Nina Simone and Bill Evans, and I couldn’t get over the similarities between “Yes or No” and “Turning the Corner.” I couldn’t help ending that sequence with “Blue Train,” one of my very favorite songs. I detoured into Yo La Tengo and Neil Young to give this one a little more pep at the end.

I don’t know what December will bring, but I bought some more music at a thrift store just yesterday.

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