October 2014 Playlist

Now with a snazzy Spotify link! 2014 10October Mix

I listened to a bunch of Tom Waits this fall and decided I wanted to use one of his songs in my next mix. “Gun Street Girl” has some great lyrics and a jangly, broken guitar part that I linked up with the Derek Trucks and Los Lobos tracks. I had to put Howlin’ Wolf in there because Waits sings like him and “Who’s Been Talkin'” is unique – the only blues song I know with a melodica or accordion. I bought the Coltrane and Duke Ellington album this month and loved it immediately, which is why “Sentimental Mood” is on there. I heard “Wise One” on random the next day and thought about making a switch but decided to just use both. Mix favorites The Roots and Sonic Youth make another appearance – I liked following a Daydream Nation track with Muddy Waters. At one point I was convinced the Beasties sampled that Herbie Mann cover of “Summertime” on “Song for Junior.” I’ve decided I was wrong, but those songs fit so well together and when I slotted “Agua de Beber” in the middle I thought I had an awesome way to bring this one to a chilled-out conclusion.

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