We at the hotel/motel/Holiday Inn…

On a very different note from my last post:

It began with delicious muffins.

The plumbers came Sunday morning to fix a leak, a patch in the kitchen where the paint sagged off the ceiling. Amber had baked blueberry muffins (she’s awesome), and of course she fed the plumbers (she’s awesome).

The plumbers drained the sagging spot and found extensive water damage. Then things became frantic. In what felt like minutes they had us empty our cabinets, took them off the wall, and removed the sink and countertop. While we hid in the living room they tore into the wall and the smell of rot and mold filled the air. It was obvious we couldn’t stay. Amber’s ex agreed to take the dogs, and Amber convinced our landlady to pay for a hotel room. By early evening we’d decamped to a hotel two blocks away.

It’s a very convenient solution for now, but we don’t know when we can go home. It sucks. The plumbers returned Tuesday and may finish today. The wall needs to be fixed, and the plumbers say our kitchen has to be totally redone pronto. For the next few days we expect to stay with friends- with the dogs, we hope. (Matty had a bladder infection and needs more scans.) We miss them, and wherever we stay, it will feel more like home with them around.

Here’s hoping for answers, canine companionship, and a chance to get the rest of the muffins out of our freezer.

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