More catching up: two weeks ago we took a short flight upstate to visit friends in Rochester. We were excited to get out of town for a few days, and I knew I’d get to meet one of Amber’s best friends. It turned out that this quiet town had a lot to offer two citydwellers in need of a break.

We had delicious cocktails and dinners at Good Luck Restaurant and The Revelry, and at Highland Park Diner I clogged my arteries with pancakes topped with cannoli filling. The Owl House, meanwhile, served me one of the best brunch snacks I’ve ever eaten: “Buffalo” cauliflower, baked and lightly breaded and flavored with hot sauce and the other Buffalo sauce trimmings. Oh yes, we’ll have to duplicate that one at home. Amber and Carissa made delicious apple crisp after a trip to the Public Market, and we were all perhaps a little too amazed by the food at Wegman’s.

That’s a ton of quality food for an upstate city less than a tenth the size of Brooklyn – though it’s larger than Park Slope, of course.

Carissa and Matt were very generous hosts, and Amber and I slept very well in their big quiet house. Rochester was colder than we expected, which forced us to buy extra sweatshirts, but were able to stay very snug in their twin guest bed. Carissa is a photo hobbyist, and she wanted to take our picture before we left. I love the result!



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