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I’m following what’s happening in Charlottesville with sadness, horror, and that very 2017 type of shock that’s not shock at all, just a bone deep, desperate wish that we were living in some world other than the one we know we’re in. Today is also World Elephant Day, and I wanted to mark that as Your Friend Who’s Really Into Elephants TM. It doesn’t feel possible to do justice to both because it’s so hard to do justice to either. Here’s the best I can do:

I have the deepest admiration for the people who are fighting to make this world the place it should be for everybody here, all human beings and for all animals. For the Derays of the world. For the Leks, whether they know each other or not. Because there are so many who need saving, and so many who deserved saving and didn’t get it. Who my heart broke for, and broke again, and will again, until they day it doesn’t have to.

For the last five years I’ve been working on a book about humans who grow stronger by standing up for animals and by standing up for other humans. How those two causes support each other because there isn’t any separation between them. At their best, they are works of desperate compassion borne of the knowledge that there is so much in this world that’s worth saving, that’s worth dying for if need be. It’s as simple and as enormous as that. We can, I think, save each other. I don’t know if we will. I know we have to try because so many lives depend on us. There are so many heroes out there and I stand with all of you.

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  1. Diane Seaman
    Posted August 12, 2017 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for your words, they resonate for me. Caring about animals and people as you do has made your life and theirs better, more important and connected. The journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step.

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