Ugh, 2015

I’m not the biggest fan of 2015 so far. Without getting into more serious events, losing our dog Mattingly would be reason enough to dislike the first two weeks of the year – Amber also wrote very sweetly about him here – but for the last week I’ve also been dealing with a nasty and painful infection in my right leg. It was getting gross by last Tuesday, and then it started to hurt when I pulled on my pants, touched it, or walked around.

I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer. I didn’t learn until I saw a doctor that the infection could have turned into sepsis, which would have taken it from serious to VERY serious. I’ve been on antibiotics since Thursday, and by then it hurt so much that walking more than a few steps was painful. It was creepy and upsetting to watch the infection continue to spread Friday and Saturday until the antibiotics kicked into high gear. Amber is fascinated by gross bodily stuff, so the oozing and disgustingness were a little free entertainment for her. And since I was housebound I wound up spending lots of time with her and Matty at the end.

This should will clear up in a few more days, but my body and the year 2015 are officially on notice. I need to see some real improvement pronto.

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