Amber loves love and romance, but Valentine’s Day is not her thing at all. In its own way I think that’s made our February 14ths together better because we’re not pressured into doing the usual Big Date Extravaganza. This time last year we were in Puerto Rico, where she was shooting a wedding, and we shared a delicious Thai dinner under a clear warm sky with a gigantic pearlescent moon looming above us. It’s the night we agreed we would get married.

Yesterday afternoon was very different: we were home in Brooklyn and fat snowflakes were falling. We were on our way to Toby’s Public House, a cozy local restaurant and bar with a kind staff, delicious food, and good taste in music (London Calling was playing when we walked in). Amber was there to officiate a wedding; our friend Jo recommended her to the brides. The party gradually filed in, and after a round of beer and pizza, Amber perched on her bar stool and conducted the ceremony while I took photos on her iPhone.

We stayed at Toby’s into the evening getting to know the newlyweds and their friends, including a cool nine-year-old who made me feel very sure I want to raise a kid in Brooklyn. When it was finally time to go, we trudged over the ice to Bonnie’s Grill and had dinner with the Bowlines.

This morning we were up early for an engagement shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I knew the museum was a great location and a cultural institution, but it turns out it’s also a great place for a photo shoot. The Egyptian Art wing and the Great Hall have beautiful light, but the primary draw for the future bride and groom (and for us) was the exhibit devoted to French Impressionism, particularly Paul Cézanne. As if taking great photos with good people weren’t fun enough, we were treated to a guided tour because the bride-to-be is a grad student studying French Impressionism.

Back home we’re fighting off colds with help from my Valentine’s Day gift: chocolate truffles from No Chewing Allowed. It was Amber’s idea to get truffles, but I found these myself and they are delicious. I’m QUITE a catch, you guys.

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