I had more than a month to get nervous about officiating Colm and Marie’s wedding. It was going to be my very first, after all, and when it came to writing the ceremony I was mostly on my own. They told me to be “simple and elegant,” and that’s what I tried to write.

Then, Monday night, Amber booked a second wedding. Now there was no time to be nervous — this was going to be an adventure! Who gets to officiate their first two weddings on the same day — within a few hours?

Daniel and Austin jumped at Amber’s suggestion of the Public Library, and I married them on a beautiful, sunny third-floor landing in front of Austin’s family. They were sweet and didn’t want much fuss, so the ceremony took about two minutes.

We grabbed lunch, then walked to the Fitzpatrick Hotel to meet Colm and Marie. After photos in Grand Central Terminal, Amber led us to Central Park and planted us near the Bow Bridge. With the wind blowing off the pond I was glad “simple and elegant” also means “short.” We spent another hour taking photos at the bridge, the Bethesda Terrace, and outside the Plaza Hotel. Marie’s stamina was impressive, and it was a pleasure to watch Amber work.

So that’s my first day as an officiant: two sweet couples, two weddings in iconic NYC locations, and one beautiful day with joyful people and my fiancee. I could get used to this.

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